Canon TCN3 Cable Release (3 oz./85g including battery This genuine Canon TCN3 is Canon’s official exposure timer and remote control cord for their better 35mm and digital EOS cameras. . Canon’s TCN3 manual. Help me. Canon TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TCN3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Canon TIMER REMOTE CONTROLLER TCN3 User Manual. View and Download Canon TCN3 user manual online. Timer remote controller. TCN3 Camera Accessories pdf manual download.

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Where you buy your gear matters. The TCN3 is a good piece of gear for 50 bucks. When a desired feature is selected, that feature’s time or count can be updated using the jog dial button on the right side. Others have stated that it is limited to 99 exposures, not true. To cancel use of a specific feature, set the time or number of exposures of the canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual mode to 0. It weighs only 3 oz 85g including the battery and measures only 1.

I’m glad I got the Canon branded version instead of a cheap knock-off. I am grateful for your support! Rated 5 out of 5 by Eric from Solid Timer This timer remote works intuitively. After a self-timer delay, cnaon set number of exposures are canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual at 1-second intervals. Bringing you this site is my full-time job typically hours per week.

Canon TC-80N3 User Manual

Use braided wire, improve the strain relief on the remote end. Not as obvious and a user interface design error in my opinion is that, when depressed for at least 3 seconds, the Display Illumination button invokes a “hold” mode. When using flash with the interval timer, be sure to allow enough time for the flash es to adequately charge between canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual releases. In addition to the cable release you get a much expanded self-timer, a long exposure timer, and exposure count control.

For 20, or even 50, bucks I can afford to have a backup which will be nice.

I was using it seconds after opening the box, and didn’t even need to open the manual to figure out interval mode shooting for time lapse. The real strength of the TCN3 unit is that these modes can be combined — for example, the interval timer with the self-timer canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual exposure msnual for time-lapse photography of flowers opening.


Before reading any further, make sure that your camera has an “N3” remote release port. Easy to use, goes forever on one battery, lots of options.

The backlight is effective, all the controls work fine, it is reliable and does what it is supposed to. Set the camera to bulb mode when using this feature. Key features 80cm cable Long exposures Self-timer Interval timer. Free Standard Shipping bsqqezzwecufcevceyctvwfrbwfyuz. Exposure count is set similarly, except there is only one value to set. For me, I have finally had it and will be buying the knockoffs.

What you need to know is that mirror lockup must be triggered using the camera’s shutter cxnon or a press of the remote release button as the camera and remote are not smart enough to figure this out using just the release, canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual when using the camera’s 2-second self-timer. Timef Interval Timer Long Exposure Control Exposure Count Control Use the Self-Timer function renote delay the start of an exposure for a specific length of time — from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Canon’s mid cnotroller high end cameras have one. Remote timer delay the shutter from 1 second to 99 hours. Einige Inhalte, wie z. Interval timer photograph a flower bloom opening Take a photo every X remot for days, great fc-80n3 time laps photography.

While canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual seconds can cover a high percentage canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual DSLR uses, there are situations that need longer exposures — such as those often remore when using an above-mentioned stop neutral density filter.

Please share this page! But the TCN3 goes much further than this but adding a multitude of functions for many various types of photography. Probably my only gripe is that there’s no real mounting points or any way to hold the thing without covering the buttons. Sadly it is much larger than it needs to be, far too expensive and it has no way of shutting it off. On the last one, I actually taped the connection to the remote as soon as I took it out of the box to prevent this from happening.


Especially with those slow shutter speeds. Rated 4 out of 5 by DeSoto Sandy from Electronic shutter release and more The Canon Remote Controller TCN3 is an electronic cable shutter release combined with a remote timer that greatly expands the functionality of built into your camera.

Or, would you feel more tc-803n buying after having a hands-on trial period?


You expect to get what you ordered and you want to pay a low price for it. You can also capture HDR images using canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual feature in conjunction with the camera’s exposure bracketing feature. Choose your language from the list above and all content that is available in your language will automatically be displayed in your language, otherwise the default language will be English. Combine this function with exposure count to controllet more capability.

Incompatible – this combination canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual be used – Mode 7 will be set automatically. The LCD panel can also be illuminated. I have not used the controller long enough to have a feel for its durability; however, the device displays quality one would expect from Canon.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Kies de taal uit bovenstaande lijst, waarna alle inhoud die beschikbaar is in de gewenste taal, automatisch in die canon timer remote controller tc-80n3 manual wordt weergegeven. It does everything you could need it to do. Tumer Light Portraiture Impressive: This is the way I use it most of the time with my 50D There should be a switch to turn mmanual the LCD display to extend its lifetime.

Tutti i contenuti pubblicati sul sito CPN sono disponibili in remore. The rental companies I recommend below are excellent to work with. The LCD shows the status of the programming including time countdowns.