Caravan of Dreams [Idries Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A colorful caravan of Eastern oral and written literature, this collection. A colorful caravan of Eastern oral and written literature, this collection includes many best-known Sufi teaching stories, including “The Story of Mushkil Gusha,”. Idries Shah (), whose family lived in Afghanistan for a thousand years, is an internationally known authority on the region and his books on Sufism are.

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And much, much more.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. I enjoyed it, but lost interest easily. What is their opinion in their cups, those who have said that wine is an abomination? Return to Book Page. Views Read Caarvan View history. Whether by reading it, one is in any way getting a coherent caravan of dreams idries shah of mystic Islam or subtly absorbing wisdom of any sort is anybody’s guess. Or, Inner Knowledge You want to become wise in one lesson: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Read Caravan of Dreams

Caravan of Dreams is a book by Idries Shah first published in by Octagon Press as part of his presentation of traditional Eastern teachings and Sufi ideas for contemporary society. And we know shay are the dreams. Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad caraban challenge all misconceptions about Islam; humorous yet poignant observations by the great Mulla do-Piaza; unpublished tales of Nasrudin; fragments of Destination Mecca, and some amazing reflections on humanity by Idries Shah.

Front cover of Caravan of Dreams A pretty diverse selection of Islamic caravan of dreams idries shah, proverbs, and allegories that can mostly be summarized like this: No trivia or caravan of dreams idries shah yet.


Caravan of Dreams by Idries Shah

I throw 12 old bone dice Sep 07, Carol M rated it it was amazing. This is not the first time I have read this book, and I am still far from exhausting its riches.

The publisher, ISF Publishing http: But I was not sent to curse. Jun 13, Bob rated it really liked it. Shame I don’t have a hard copy in my hand as there is nothing like the real book in your hands. He then provides a selection of the ‘traditions’ from a respected collection. But the effect does not stop there.

This book was so good I didn’t finish it. Much of the material in the book can help us to see ourselves, by showing us what craavan are shzh in some states. Caravan of dreams idries shah 14, David Melik caravan of dreams idries shah it it was ok Shelves: Each verse has an inner and outer meaning, Speaking the truth to the unjust idriea the best of holy wars, and many more.

When you finish it, you will not be the same person you were before you started it. Thoughts from Omar Khayam. Nov 29, Peter rated it it was kf. What a lovely book. Idries Shah builds up a complete picture of a single consciousness, relating mythology to reality, illuminating historical caravan of dreams idries shah, and presenting philosophical legends in this unique anthology.

Reading and re-reading deepen the magic.

Caravan of Dreams – Idries Shah Foundation

To benefit from a book like this needs more than passive reading. Just how low our expectations are is revealed in some if frank observations by Idries Shah.

Show me a person who really knows what ‘good’ is, and I will show you that he almost pf uses the word. This is a book with something for everyone.


Idries Shah’s books on Sufism achieved considerable critical acclaim. Caravan of dreams idries shah explains that much labour, resource, and academic endeavour has been deployed in investigating their accuracy, and that over one hundred and seventy significant contributors to this area of study were women.

This book is largely short entertaining stories and parables – a nice thing to have in your hip pocket as you stroll about. These stories adhere, return, seeming somehow to expand after reading into an area beyond outer consciousness.

caravan of dreams idries shah Headings, not in that order and the list is not exhaustive. New editions of the book were published in by The Idries Shah Foundation. As in the exquisite geometric design on the cover, each piece — from uncorrupted teaching story to cryptic proverb — has its place in an entertaining work, designed to show suah what is possible to man goes well beyond what our society considers its limit.

Caravan of dreams

Ot is one page. Lists with This Book. Here is one magical piece, by Caravan of dreams idries shah Khayyam: The tales, anecdotes, illustrative recitals, jokes are not meant to be attacked by the intellectual apparatus This is a fine anthology, dippable-into at any time for entertainment, refreshment, consolation, and inspiration Read and re-read it!