Diazotization Titration or Nitrite Titration Diazotization is used in the analysis of aromatic compounds containing an amino group in the molecules. This analysis . View Notes – from ECH at University of Florida. Diazotization titration (Nitrite Titration) Mr. V. M. Patil Assistant Professor & PG. 20 Nov DIAZOTIZATION – authorSTREAM Presentation. CONDITION FOR DIAZOTIZATION RATE OF TITRATION Different amino compound react.

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For example, the aminophenol is readily oxidized by the nitrous acid and converted to the quinones in the presence of copper sulphate solution and forms the diazo oxide compounds.

What is the diazootization involved in the diazotization titrimetry?

The reaction rate is increased by the addition of the potassium bromide solution. The endpoint is the point at which the titration is complete, as determined by an indicator. At the endpoint, there will be a sudden change in the measured pH.

A Seminar on Potentiometric and Diazotization Titrations

Stewart; Francisco Maya; Dmitry V. After contact exposure under light, the residual diazo is converted to a stable azo dye with an aqueous solution of coupler. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. The next method for the detection of the end point in the diazotization titration is by adding the potassium iodide to the nitrous acid with excess acid which liberates the iodine.

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Registration Forgot your password? The process of forming diazonium compounds is called “diazotation”, “diazoniation”, or “diazotization”.

This is an instrument that measures the electrode potential of the solution. Hisham Ezzat Abdellatef Prof. For example, treatment of benzenediazonium chloride with benzene an aromatic compound in the presence of sodium hydroxide gives diphenyl:. When sodium nitrite is reacted with the hydrochloric acid sodium chloride and nitrous acid are formed.


This method is first used in the determination of dyes.

The main principle …. This resulting solution is known as the standard solution. The most widely practiced reaction of diazonium salts is azo coupling. Diazotization Titrations free pharmacy study material pharmaceutical analysis pharmaceutical analysis lecture notes.

Benzenediazonium chloride reacts with compounds containing activated double bonds to produces phenylated products. May be used for the analysis of drugs such as benzocaine, dapsone, primaquine etc. Maintenance of the temperature is the main condition for the diazotization titration. The cyano group usually cannot be introduced by nucleophilic substitution diazptization haloarenesbut such compounds can be easily prepared from diazonium salts.

However it can be introduced by treating aryldiazonium cations with potassium iodide:.

Diazonium compound – Wikipedia

It is also possible to functionalize diazotizatjon wafers with diazonium salts forming an aryl monolayer. It is also used in the preparation of hydrocarbonsaryl halidearyl cyanideand aryl hydrazines It is used in the assay of sulpha drugs like dapsonesulphonamides It is also used in the assay of various drugs like benzocaineprocainamideprocainesuraminsodium amino salicylate REFERENCE: The conversion is called the Balz-Schiemann reaction.

After the end point, addition of further ions does not affect the concentration of the complex so that the titration curve has almost horizontal portion after the equivalence point. The principle involved in this method is that the primary aromatic amine present in the sample reacts with the sodium nitrite in the presence of acid such as hydrochloric acid to obtain a diazonium salt.


The diazitization of nitrous acid is determined by the addition of the starch iodide as an external indicator. This process was first discovered in and was applied to the synthetic dye industry.

What are the different methods used for the end point detection in the diazotization titrimetry? Ttiration more common process uses a paper coated with diazo, coupler and an acid to inhibit coupling; after exposure the image is developed by a vapor mixture of ammonia and water which forces coupling. Addition of sodium nitrite to the sample solution takes time to react with the amino group present in the sample solution.

Different methods to determine the endpoint: The end point is determined by the above-mentioned methods. Titratiob Description No description available.

In the Gatterman reaction, benzenediazonium chloride is warmed with copper powder and HCl or HBr to produce chlorobenzene and bromobenzene respectively.

Arenediazonium cations undergo several reactions in which the N 2 group is replaced by another group or ion. Also grafting to diamond titrqtion has been reported. This readily undergoes the coupling reaction with the nitrous acid. Disadvantage of fragility, imperfections in the bulb may cause error.