Lata Mangeshkar’s 3 Rare Telugu SongsIn “General”. The seven (7) chakrasIn ” Spiritual”. Spiritual meditationIn “Videos”. I want the lyrics of the song GANANAYAKAYA. Ask for details; Follow Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Gauri Tanayaya Dhimahi Gajeshanaya. Ekadantaya Vakratundaya. By Shankar Mahadevan Lyrics. Song: Ekadantaya vakratundaya. Music: Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale Singers.

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Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Song Lyrics-vinayakachavithi

Gajeshanaya bhalchandraya Shree ganeshaya dheemahi. Gauri pranayaya gauri pravanaya gaura-bhAvAya dhImahi Go sahasraya Go vardhanaya gopa gopaya dhimahi. Ganesh Nice and inspiring blog, Vivek! Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale Singers: Geeta saraya geeta tatvaya Geeta gotraya dheemahi Gudha gulfaya gandha mattaya Gojaya pradaya dheemahi Gunadhitaya gunadhishaya Guna pravishtaya dheemahi.


Ekadantaya Vakratundaya Song Lyrics-vinayakachavithi – OnlyMovieLyrics

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Interested for our works and services? Shankar Mahadevan Gananayakaya ganadaivataya Ganadhyakshaya dheemahi Guna shariraya guna manditaya Guneshanaya dheemahi Gunadhitaya gunadhishaya Guna pravishtaya dheemahi Posted on September 7,in Spiritual and tagged ekadantayagananayakayaganeshshankar mahadevanvakratundaya.

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Lyrics of Ekadantaya Vakratundaya By Shankar Mahadevan – English – SCCSS G

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