Get this from a library! Philosophy of the masters (Gurmat Sidhant). [Sawan Singh , Satguru]. Philosophy of the masters (Gurmat Sidhant) [Sawan Singh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Series 1 – Spiritual Discipline. Philosophy of the masters (Gurmat Sidhant) [Sawan Singh] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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You know where I am going. Slowly, slowly people felt it, but this mystery was gurmat sidhant secret than outside.

Philosophy of the masters : (Gurmat Sidhant)

My Master had always asked me, when I went to see Him, “Well come on, please, give a talk. But they had arranged it so that for eight months regularly I was not permitted to go near the Master, not even to talk to Him. I was true to my own Self. He was sitting there, and He made me sit near Him, like a son or a student. Sant Kirpal Singh tells about it: He said, “No, He will gurmat sidhant.

I would speak from my heart to Him gurmat sidhant I would open my gurmat sidhant to Him in a heart-to-heart talk — and the people enjoyed. Master once ordered me during His lifetime gurmat sidhant initiate about people in the monthly gathering. Everybody was benefited by His presence, but a rivalry also came up in the Sangat.


Panjab Digital Library – Digitization of Gurmat Sidhant

One day Baba Sawan Gurmat sidhant said, “Well, I want to go somewhere and those persons who want to come along with me, they should come.

There some arrangements were already made for gurmat sidhant. You are knowing it.

The disciple can err; only Masters are save from that. She said, “Master, I have one condition, if You want gurmat sidhant hear it. Like a glass that does not show your gurmat sidhant unless you put something behind it, gurmat sidhant the aidhant polish at the back reflects the Master within — the God within you.

Whatever He saw, whatever He witnessed He wrote in the form of poems.

Sant Kirpal Singh tells in His own words: For whom He loved. This is love — heart to heart. Perhaps He was telling me, “You, poor fellow, have the same fate awaiting you. Some people dispersed, but Kirpal Singh remained there.

There was a Master, Dadu gurmat sidhant name, who had an initiate who was not at the place when his Master left the body. That was gurmat sidhant very practical statement, description given.

He said, “What is your demand? Gurmat sidhant I wrote what happened to an initiate who is left behind after the Master has left the physical plane.

He has brought us here for a special purpose.

Master used to say, “When Saints come into the world, they bring their staff members with them. Then again I read it to Him. My elder brother went there Gurmat sidhant did not even tell this secret to my brother. Might be, you are feeling it now? Gurmat Sidhant is a book written by me — through my hands I would say, not by me, but by the God-Master within me. gurmat sidhant


Taiji used to sing the poems and Baba Sawan Singh would like to gurmat sidhant them. The Master said, I know he has done nothing wrong, either knowingly or unknowingly; but strangely enough, so much water passed over his head, but he never came to me to gurmat sidhant gurmzt about it. Everything is gone from our hands. I told Him, “I did not come to You because I know that You are in me and seeing my every action — watching my every action and also the trend of my life: But I will also gurmat sidhant You something in return.

It develops in that way. What is going on and gurmat sidhant is it that Baba Sawan Singh wants to tell us?