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IPC J-STDE, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies released, updated for all three classes of construction. Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic. Assemblies. IPC J-STD- E April Supersedes Revision D February IPC J-STDE April Supersedes Revision D February JOINT INDUSTRY STANDARD Requirements for. Soldered Electrical and Electronic.

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Notes 2 ,3 an d Figu re Circu mferential wetting of lead and barrel on sol der desti nation side Percentage of original land area covered with wetted solder on sold er destination side. Unspecified parameter or variable in size as determined by design Note 3: The capability to rapidly heat the surfaces 10 be joined and the capacity to [: The intent of this document is to rely on process control methodology to ensure consistent qu a1 ity levels during the manufacture of products.

Current limiti ng soldering equipment manufactured to EN The contour of the wires should not be obscured at the termination of the insulation b.

Fractured solder connecti ons b. In the event of conflict between the requirements of this standard and an assembly drawing s ldocumentation that has not been user approvedthis standard govems. A wire that is wrapped more than and crosses over itselti.

To provide for per sonnel safety, follow the applicable local and Federal OccupationalSafety and Health Regulations? Pe rcentage 01 solde r source side land area covered with wetted solde r 5.


See Note 4, Table 8.

C is measured from the narrowest point of Ihe solder fil! No damaged strands for wires used at a potential for 6 kV or greater Note 2: SoJder is wetted to the solder balls and! J-sts minimum spacing between conductorsbetween conductive patterns.

Wh en soldering these types of components voiding i n the thermal plane i s common Notc: For each intermediate bifurcated terminalthe wire passes through the s lot and is in contact with the base of the terminal or a previollsly installed Wlre c. Wire insulation shall not [AIP] enter the base o f post of termina l. Apri l 7. Tools and equipment are to be c1 ean prior lO use and should be kept c1ean and free of dirtgreaseftuxoil and other foreign matter during use.

Focus 00 end product performance?

Weight is expressed in grams 1. Not bridge between the substrale and the bottom of radial leaded components.

Th e TAEC recommends the use of the latest revision. For more information see IPC 010e Solder acceptance crileria should be defined between the user and Ihe manufacturer. The items cleaned sha ll [] be capablc of meeting the cleanliness requirement as specified herein see 8. Delamination is an internal condi tion which may propagate under thermal stress and may be a catalyst for CAF growth.

J-STD-001E: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Tempered leads shall not [NID be trimmed unless specified on the drawings When! Standards allow manufacturerscustomersand suppliers to understand ane another better.


Once parts are mounted on printed boards, the unsoldered assembly shall [] be handledtranspOJ1ed e. Rework does oot include a second application of a soldering iron during a hand soldering operation a single connec ti on.

Wetting is evident Note 4: Historically, electronic assembly solderi ng standards contained a -jstd comprehensive tutorial addressing principles and techniques. The top of the lead should not extend beyond the top of the component body, except for preformed stress loops e.

J-STDE: Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies

Under-fill or staking material Note1: Marks or scratchese. Jf the assembly is manufactured by the same manu fac turer, the solder requiremen ts are as stated in the contract for the entire assembly Personnel Proticiency A lI instructors, operators, and inspcction person ne!

As a function of the component designthe lermination may not extend 10 Ihe component edgeand the componenl body may overhang Ihe PCB land area.

Contain simple simplified language? Solder does nol touch package body or end seal. End joint width 4. The PTH is connected to thermal or conductor layers that act as thermal heat sinks b. For assemblies with mixed land widthsthe grealer magnification may be used for the entire assembly.

J-stx joint length 2.