An Aspiring Breslover asks: When learning pieces in Likutey Halachos associated with a lesson in Likutey Moharan that I am focusing on. Question: In honor of Reb Noson’s yahrtzeit (10 Teves), I would like to make a new start in studying Likutei Halachos. But what can I do that I. Likutei Halachos. ליקוטי הלכות חפץ חיים ג”כ סעט. Item # Our Price: $ Size: ” X “. Qty. Bedtime Stories Of Middos and Good Deeds Volume 4.

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My answer really is different than all three options in that it is more focused on the lesson in Likutey Moharan you are learning rather than any other factor, such as your perceived need to improve in one area or another.

It was specifically through Esther that the nitzotzos sparks of souls were raised from the kingdom of evil, an aspect of “subject to time”. And the third alludes to the nekudah within ourselves, which has its own unique radiance.

Rather, the matter was turned over completely. For Esther is the “G-d fearing woman” Mishle 31the representation of the sum total of all the women in the world. Could you explain the relationship between Likutei Halachot and Likutei Moharan? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If I can suggest another perspective and approach: Also see Ki Tetze page a. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Anybody who could would just roll up his sleeves and push himself in.

It is just like in studying Gemara. But we should mention a piece of advice for those attempting this, which is that since every Drush in Likutei Halachos is based on a Torah in Likutei Moharan, if possible, it would be worth looking into that Torah.

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Therefore, it’s not enough that the evil kingdom, corresponding to “subject to time”, failed to intensify through the taking of Esther to the palace of Achashveirosh. Of course, each of us has certainly seen pieces here and there in Likutei Halachos which seemed simpler likitei understand, which we found inspiring.

Many times we can read several pages and have no idea what he is trying to say.

An Aspiring Breslover asks: The Year Chronicles. Does a person need to be convinced to go into Gan Eden? I luv this stuff.

Lekutay Halachos is a monumental work explaining the deeper meaning behind Halacha. This corresponds to “It happened in the days of Achashveirosh” and the chazal that ‘whenever Scripture states “it happened in the days of” it always signifies trouble. Esther, however, was a very awesome and great tzedekes righteous woman. They should put themselves into learning it from the beginning, in order, little by little. When we will persist to keep on studying, each time we learn we will start understanding more and more.

Rabbi Dovid Sears answers: Specifically “on the day” – the concept of “subject to time”. Copyright Gates of Emunah. These insights breathe life and vitality into our everyday actions, giving them an entirely new purpose and meaning. Not in the form of arguments and debates, but rather practical ideas how to withstand tests and how to renew our enthusiasm for Avodas Hashem. One hundred and twenty seven provinces”.

This is an aspect of the power of the amazing and awesome miracle of Purim that occurred through the taking of Esther to Achashveirosh’s palace.

Another point we should mention is that someone who wants to enter into a deeper understanding of Likutei Halachos should take one Halachah and learn it slowly, without any rush to finish. With time, you will learn new concepts, and your connection to the Sefer will be strengthened. You need to be a little more intuitive about the whole thing.


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There is a subjective factor in avodas Hashem that we need to get in touch with.

Likutei Halachot

This is the Achashveirosh that reigned from Hodu to Cush: The davening afterwards will be entirely different. She merited such annulment – to the point that Achashveirosh never touched her at all, according halacos the Zohar Pikutei 21, page 57b. And you will understand a little what the taste of Gan Eden is and you will begin to grasp that a well of pure water is flowing underneath us, and we just have to take a cup and drink.

There is a war at stake over here, likjtei battle over our very souls. Chana Siegel 3 years ago Reply. For the one that deserves to take her in holiness and purity — the main tikkun spiritual rectification is through her, by way of raising and linking “time” to the concept of “above time”.

She returned them all to Mordechai, raising and linking everything to “above time”.

How to Learn Likutey Halachos?

There are two paths before us: Remember — The main way to come close to the Tzaddik is through learning his Torah. Learn it piece by piece, and try to attach the ideas together, until you know one Halachah well. Help Support Our Work.

The entire order of times depends on her; everything is contingent upon her.