3 Jan The shows I’ve loved enough to get geeky about are less that the fingers on my hands since my time has been swallowed up raising four kids. 9 Sep Spartacus: Swords and Ashes is a novel by J.M. Clements. It was released by Titan Books on January 3, The Gladiator Spartacus, the. 14 Jan An overheard wisecrack about Jonathan Clements’ new novel Spartacus: Swords and Ashes, delivered dripping in sarcasm: “Some guy just.

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Those who are unfamiliar may be pretty lost with this one, but I would definitely recommend Spartacus: The author assumes that the reader will be capable of absorbing the finer details, and if nothing else, it’s a nice exercise in melding the historical with the fictional.

Which brings us to Spartacus: It resumed when he was declared cancer-free, then halted again when the prognosis proved premature and he grew ill again and died. I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish and love how it took on the feel of the tv show. An original story that had the voice of all the characters of the television series with some added new ones.

Spartacus: Swords and Ashes (Spartacus #1) by J.M. Clements

Sep 14, Erica rated it liked it. A bit slow at the start, but it had a decent end, but on the whole in keeping with the series. It was also really interesting to go back in time to Spartacus’ pre-slave life and get a glimpse into the battle between him and the Getae.

Uninspired writing and plot, fairly weak characterization, and tie-ins to the TV series that were all too convenient and predictable. Published January 3rd by Titan Books first published January 1st Meanwhile, in the house of Marcus Pelorus, a celebration is under way to bid farewell to Gaius Verres, who is on his way to Sicily to become its new governor.


The only reasons I give this three stars are the descriptions and gladiatorial action.

And thanks to Clements, you might very well want to re-read it. Aug 13, Brian rated it liked it Shelves: There were familiar characters such as Cicero and it was a lot of fun to spartaus of put a personality with the name. Preview — Spartacus by J.

May 30, Ali Devine rated it it was amazing. There is a scheme which is slowly uncovered by Batiatus with the help of Spartacus.

Book Review: Spartacus: Swords and Ashes by J.M. Clements

First the oafish praetor C. The first one, Swords and Ashes, is set between episodes 1×07 and 1×08, and xshes went out of its way to explain a few things. Still, the author captured the sounds and personalities of the characters, and the tone of the show fairly well.

One in every three people in this house, in this town, in this land, is a slave! Varinius and his legate Furius and his quaestor C. This wasn’t too bad.

Spartacus: Swords and Ashes, by ts | Nudge

Swords and Ashes as more than a simple dashed-off tie-in novel. Just not what I was hoping for at all!

It’s not what one expects out of the typical media tie-in novel, because usually, those tie-ins are related to franchises that have to be conscious of mass appeal. I’d recommended it to a fan of the show. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Goodreads helps you keep track of books asjes want to read. Clements, an indefatigable and very talented hack who always delivers more than he needs to.


Spartacus: Swords and Ashes

Language of the world of Spartacus abounds in this book and is easily my favorite spsrtacus of the entire series! Kenner der Blood and Sand-Reihe werden allerdings wohl nichts anderes erwarten, genau so wenig, wie ich es getan habe. I didn’t want that part of the book to end!

He must become a legend. Oct 24, Brandon Wall rated it it was amazing.

Loved the pace of the book and how the author kept me guessing. Brett Koster April 17, 0. Sean Canfield January 13, 3 Comments.

I liked the part where Lucretia was checking on Crixus while the medicus was taking a break. And since this is set during a very specific period of the first season, Quintus Batiatus is front and center, in all his profane glory. And that may well be the problem with the book – because it takes place in the midst of the series after Spartacus summoned the rain but just before Sura arrivesnothing can happen that changes the situation for any of the characters – they cannot leave the story any better or any worse off than they came in because the book cannot be made necessary to the show.