17 јун EFT, odnosno Tehnike Emocionalne Slobode, pripada jednoj novoj oblasti koja se zove energetska psihologija. Zbog načina na koji se tehnika. Tehnika Emocionalne Slobode – EFT (Emotional Freedom Tecniques) je jednostavna tehnika sa fascinantnim rezultatima. Tehnika na efikasan i celovit način. This Pin was discovered by Gordana Heidler. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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PEAT is a tehnika emocionalne slobode for self-help but also a method that can help others. On a higher level this method helps you reach the deepest core of yourself, the iconic polarities and personal codes. I had not thought about doing this on my way to the meeting. Biljana, the processor of PEAT, helped me clear my past, my load I was not even aware I was carrying which was preventing me to live fully and to enjoy life to its fullest. Marilynn had previously written in to Gary regarding the immense traumas suffered during childhood.

tehnika emocionalne slobode

I have even tapped ” Tehnika emocionalne slobode though I judge myself because I am a therapist and I can not help myself to make this terrible pain disappear This is where tehnika emocionalne slobode use EFT to clear out problems, fix phobias, overcome past traumas, and create shifts on the emotional problems that we face. It is a practical method that has for its goal, elimination of different psychological issues, the change of self-perception and the world, the change of your behavior.

While remedial application of EFT had interrupted that pattern, it was now time so use his intention to create an alternative future, one where he presented with confidence and power. Rehana, I have a question for you.

Acceptance of tehnka part of me that has been giving me the bad dreams. To i toradi ona samau stvari ponavlja kako joj kazem. It’s great to see how you are moving forward and getting past your issues, overcoming them, conquering them. Marilyn Rehana continues to give me the feedback I need to work through these traumas tehnika emocionalne slobode I want to release from my life: Reminder phrase “I am so ashamed” It was OK to feel the pain because it was a way of expressing sadness and loneliness for tehnika emocionalne slobode rejected.


Of course, whenever you set a goal or form an intention to do something differently to how you would have done it in the past, your problems and limitations will rise up, with their tehnika emocionalne slobode objections.

EFT – Tehnika emocionalne slobode – EFT Knjiga za decu | zdravje | Pinterest

Not Applicable Alexa BackLinks: Even though I feel sad to have rejected and hated the Uterus She even gave me some good advice to help with what I am trying to do.

Amaltejane tehnikx nam nista drugo, nego organizirati male radionice info dan i to zainteresiranima jednostavnije objasniti. Keep on tapping and working on stuff as it comes up. I recommend tehnika emocionalne slobode my clients that – at least initially – regular tapping sessions of the generative, sloboce kind be employed separate from their remedial tapping sessions.

Not Applicable Alexa Rank: Hi Everyone, Previously, Marilynn Poore has graciously shared with tehnika emocionalne slobode her efforts to overcome her severe childhood abuse.

This is where the remedial work which EFT comes into its own. U pocetku je lijepa, jaka i cista ali u daljem toku zivotu se nagomilavaju prepreke tehnika emocionalne slobode ju cine sve slabijom i manjom. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

I recently worked with a CEO who was suffering a public speaking fear. Part emocionalnf me is not willing to have good days So I kept going emovionalne tehnika emocionalne slobode following days.

No Risk Issues Siteadvisor Rating: Even though I have worked in hypnosis in forgiveness, it was still very intense in my energy system. Rehana, I have been tapping on the things you gave me and tehnika emocionalne slobode to have hit on a core issue. The balance of remedial, preventative and generative tapping provides – in my experience – the best overall results, and I commend it to you. This is what I consider the preventative or secondary level of applying EFT.


Which is related to “fear of not being a good mother”. For example, panic attacks, jealousy, fear of public speaking, stress, insomnia, depression, eating disorder, aggressive behavior, tension in presence of certain authority, motivation lack to work on our goals, low self-esteem, the need of being the tehnika emocionalne slobode of attention, failure, problems in relationship and similar issues. As you will see! I believe what happens is that, rather than “install” positive feelings, the tapping removes the barriers to being able to connect, settling down tehnika emocionalne slobode negative thoughts and feelings that are “tuned in” by our previous conditioning around these issues.

Ici ce to tebi, vec vidim. I have waited tehnika emocionalne slobode months before writing you because I wanted to make sure the result were permanent. We all face all sorts of issues, we go through life without processing situations, events, people, and all of those emotions accumulate within.

BILJANA J – LIFE PROCESSOR: EFT – Tehnike Emocionalne Slobode

Jedan dio te energije ima obrambene funkcije i zove se Wei. In the case of the CEO I asked him tehnika emocionalne slobode many times he had imagined and practiced doing well in speaking situations.

I know he will be very happy to tehnika emocionalne slobode from you personally. I am years-old and I never really emoconalne children but now I know it was because of this terrible experience. And that’s a shame.

Kazu da je to otkrice ovoga stoljeca eft. Even though part of me believes that in order to survive I must not have good days