THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK. THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO THINKING. AND TALKING DEMOCRATIC. By George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling. The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic .. Lakoff’s family metaphor does not extend itself to include more than. The Little Blue Book has ratings and 37 reviews. Lakoff shows how Democrats can do a better job expressing the moral force behind their politics.

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Only because the subject didn’t interest me that much, being non-American, rather than not agreeing to what’s expressed in the book.

The Little Blue Book « George Lakoff

Yet The little blue book lakoff have too llttle failed to use language linking their moral values with their policies. Dec 06, Shant rated it it was ok Shelves: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Westaway By Ruth Ware. There are two problems with this idea.

Needful Things By Stephen King. Under this view, there should be as little of the Public as possible. You cannot return defective health care and get a refund. The word affordable fits the economic frame, as do words like market, purchaseand choice.

THE LITTLE BLUE BOOK by George Lakoff , Elisabeth Wehling | Kirkus Reviews

Each moral worldview comes with a set of issue frames. The The little blue book lakoff of Extreme Conservatism. And, they suggest, progressives fail when they try to oppose conservative framing on its own terms; they need to state their own agenda in simple, positive, authentic terms. First, communication and policy are based on the same moral frames.

For the most part, he says, Bpue have gotten it all wrong and have let Republicans control the debate. To ask other readers questions about The Little Blue Bookplease sign up. In the Roberts Supreme Court took up the conservative frame.


It’s subtitle is “The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic” and I guess it might b I finished this book and I’m not really satisfied with it, although I can’t quite place my finger on why. Because all politics is morally framed, all policy is also morally framed, and thus the choice of any particular policy frame is the little blue book lakoff moral choice. She is doing research in Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, on how politics is understood both in America and Europe.

Obama also did not think he could replace the powerful private health care industry, so he chose to the little blue book lakoff with it.

Published June 26th by Free Press first published June 19th Our alternative is communication based on moral and conceptual transparency. See great eBook deals. Do we care about each other? The conservative moral principles applied were freedom and life, and they had language to go with them.

By frameswe mean structures of ideas that we use to understand the world. Let me give you examples. As a writer, I find words fascinating. This was a brilliant book in which the author differentiated between the moral framework of progressive and conservative politics.

A must read considering today’s political climate. Consice, practical guide for making progressive arguments, in language that will resonate with a wider audience. Paperback the little blue book lakoff, pages. This fundamental truth contradicts a long-standing myth about political communication, a myth that comes from the advertising world. What that did was impose a frame on health care—a frame from the market economy.

The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic

Lkttle Frank, in Listen, Liberal reminds us that Democrats have done a poor job of implementing policies that embody their moral positions. Yet the metaphor of health care as a product survived the presidential campaign and was even adopted by the Democrats. I bet Joe Six Pack would be if he picked this book up. It depends on how well it is done. Lakoff explained the little blue book lakoff moral basis of both progressive and conservative viewpoints summing up a carefully thought out process as follows: The Essential Guide for Progressivesauthor George Bok has penned yet another fantastic book for progressives who realize that the linguistic high ground is being stolen by conservatives but the little blue book lakoff know how to yank it back.


Good read for anyone interested in the little blue book lakoff. Learn how your comment data is processed. Its vital argument is that to further the beliefs we hold, the ideals of democracy and progress and fairness we cherish, we must reclaim the language to frame policy as moral imperative. The metaphor was, as usual, taken literally. The Public should be kept to a minimum. Our vision is far better than the right wing. By repeating conservative talking points in an effort to counter the arguments, progressives have kept the conservative moral framework front and center never figuring out how the words they use only underscore the conservative mantra of every man for himself, no responsibility for the needs of others.

Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only. First, though, conservatives like to accuse Democrats of being “liberal elites,” which makes me wonder why Republicans want to be known as stupid dumb asses. Obama seemingly did not even consider a Medicare-for-all model of national health care.

Dissecting the ways that extreme conservative positions have permeated political discourse, Lakoff and Wehling show how to fight back on moral grounds and in concrete terms. This version of the little blue book lakoff care was passed into law.