Full text of “The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus, a Roman Slave: From the Latin”. See other formats. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for. The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus has ratings and 30 reviews. Vaishali said: Remember “A rolling stone gathers no moss” or “Familiarity breeds conte. 73 quotes from The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus: A Roman Slave: ‘The sweetest pleasure arises from difficulties overcome.’.

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Oblivion is a guaranty against civil war. No one knows what he can do till he tries.


When you fall short in what is due syyrus youTself, you are lacking towards your friends. That which you thought to run away from will often meet you face to face. This is a collection of his proverbs, many of which are still well-known today, and is all that survives of his works.

To live free from danger is to know nothing of misery. Excessive severity misses its own aim. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. We die, as often as we lose a friend.

Discover now the teachings of Epicurus reinforced by neuroscience, psychology the moral sayings of publius syrus even astrophysics to find what makes you happy and how to get there.


Publilius Syrus

No one ever lost honor but him who never had any. How shall we treat with those who say one thing, and mean another?

In the punishment of the wicked, there is safety for the good. It tthe bad management when we suffer fortune to be our guide. Many quotes are misattributed to Syrus; if they do not have a Latin form in a credible modern scholarly work, they are often popular phrases not due to Syrus.

Credit is poverty’s good fortune. Innocence always follows the the moral sayings of publius syrus of its own light.

Paperback92 pages.

The Moral Sayings of Publius Syrus: Publius Syrus, Darius Lyman: : Books

If I hadn’t have stumbled on a list of unknown books, I the moral sayings of publius syrus have heard about this, and that’s a real pity. To be always giving; is to encourage a forcible taking when you refuse to give. Maxim The fear of death is more to be dreaded than death itself. He sufifers exile who refuses to serve his country.

How vile is he who charges his own offenses upon others I Friendship ever profits, but love ever injures.

I would only bespeak the charity of the reader for the seeming insipidity to be found in some of the Sayings. A good man should not know how to do an injury. It is easy for men to say one things and think another.

A mean man’s generosity is a generous man’s meanness. Flattery was once a vicC; now it is the fashion.

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A cock has great influence on his own dung-hill. Maxin Fortune is not satisfied with inflicting one calamity. It is easier to submit to punishment than the moral sayings of publius syrus injustice.

He who yields a prudent obedience exercises a partial control. In vain may we look for that which fate conceals. The physician were ill, if no one else were ill. There is no pleasure which continued enjoyment cannot render disgusting. A happy man is he who obtains his wishes easily. I would only bespeak the charity of the reader for the seeming insipidity to be found in some of the Sayings.

There are some remedies worse than the disease. On what a firm foundation rests the empure of necessity.

Publilius Syrus – Wikiquote

Although we speak of the language of love and of hate in a loose sense. That is not yours which fortune made yours. Avarice never lacks a reason for refusing a favor.

The less Fortune has given; the less can she take away. A great fortune sits gracefully on a great man. A homely woman is one of the most comely of apes.