25 Dec Etiquette in Public Etiquette in Holy Places Indian Brahmanas, Mayavadis , and other Sampradayas Vaishnava Etiquette Introduction. 22 Jul Vaishnava etiquette English manual. 1. A MANUAL OF VAIÑËAVA ETIQUETTE AND LIFESTYLE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KÅÑËA. ByRadhanath Swami; In; Tagsradhanath swami, parampara, Realisation., Srimad Bhagwatam, Suta Goswami, Vaishnava Etiquette, Ved Vyas; October 11, .

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The Spiritual Master is never without his followers, so to serve the Spiritual Master also means to be the servant of his disciples. I have never introduced these things.

He is not initiated. So you do all these with great enthusiasm and very carefully.

All this should be described as regulations and etiquettes. Everyone has got some weakness and deficiency. In the beginning of course, devotees may just abstain from grains on Ekadasi day. Nobody should criticize anyone. A Vaishnava is very merciful so he will immediately embrace him and forgive him for all his offenses.

If we see the Deities in very pleasing mood, that will certify our service unto the Lord. It is better to correct or mend it than to break it.

I have noticed in many temples that after we take prasada, which is usually on the floor, we just step all over. The heart of a saintly person is free from contamination. The Vaishnavas had freedom, therefore, to wear their Vaishnava tilaka to work, and they also displayed other Vaishnava paraphernalia. If the wife is helpful in the spiritual progress of life, she is the best friend and philosopher.


There are many examples of this type of husband and wife working in our different centers for propagating this sublime message. In the beginning one must take shelter of a bona fide spiritual master. His position is always superior to all other inmates of the temple. The Guru’s Godbrothers should be respected as the guru. You can do this because you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead Yourself and whatever you direct is perfect.

This is the qualification. Someone who is actually a devotee will be known by how much he displays the good qualities. This story has obvious modern day application. It is to be tasted only through the sentiment of servitude. These are the causes of all material tribulations.

So set example to your countrymen how younger generation can live peacefully, husband and wife, being engaged in Krsna’s service.

SP letter to Sudama July 29, So he went to work wearing very clear, white Vaishnava tilaka. Even the Hare Krishna mantra they sometimes do not say correctly.

Vaishnava Etiquette

Generally when we find someone more qualified than ourselves, we become envious of him; when we find someone less qualified, we deride him; and when we find someone equal we become very eriquette of our activities. Then Lord Caitanya told him:. He was even criticized by the less intelligent in India for doing so. So Vaishnava etiquette means how to avoid that. This etiquegte will advance you progressively in Krishna consciousness.

A devotee never inflicts pain on anyone. The place where the prasadam has been taken must be cleaned right after the prasadam has been taken.

So I know that you are trying to know things from the real source, and you are not puffed up like other fools who think that they know everything. Etiquette with in Relationships. Vaisnnava Spiritual Master is never without his followers, so to serve the Spiritual Master also means to be the servant of his disciples. Yourself, Tamala Krsna, Brahmananda, Satsvarupa-you should do everything combinedly.


Since both Maitreya and Vidura were directly instructed by the Lord, both had the authority to become the spiritual master of Vidura or anyone else, but Maitreya, being elderly had the first claim to becoming the spiritual master, especially for Vidura, who was much older than Uddhava. Our etiquftte is based on love and trust, so if we do not cooperate, then how is that love and trust? Surrendering does not mean that one should only surrender in favorable circumstances.

That is natural division. Becoming a pure devotee is not a cheap thing.

Basic Principles of Vaishnava Behavior | Vaishnava Etiquette

Generally, one will decorate himself according to the degree of his wealth. It is imperative that we remember, by constant practice, that everyone is a part and parcel of Sri Krishna. One of the main parts of Vaishnava etiquette is humility. Impertinence… is very risky for spiritual realization.

Surpassing a Superior Personality maryada-vyatikrama To be well versed in the transcendental science necessitates awareness of the techniques of spiritual science.